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Taking Back Costa Mesa: Putting Costa Mesa Residents And Families First

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Fighting Government Corruption: If elected I will remember that my role is to be a civil servant for district 5 and Costa Mesa.  I will work to be your resident and business voice on the council, and will fight the rampant corruption that is occurring with some of our current council .

The Needle Exchange Program: I was the first non-council resident to against this program and warned people on June 2, 2018 that if the council did not do more these needles would be on our streets and that's exactly what happened.

SB 54: I support diversity and legal immigration, oppose racial profiling and discrimination, and will use my influence to promote programs that help immigrants and their families with their path towards citizenship.  However, I oppose SB54 and immigrants who choose to live here illegally without becoming a citizen.

Homelessness: As a compassionate person of faith who has experienced homelessness in my own family, someone who has helped feed and house the homeless  for years,  and a longtime civil servant, I believe homelessness in our district is approaching crisis proportions. We should help those in need who want the help, but should not enable those who don't.  As someone who serves on the Costa Mesa Housing and Public Service Committee, I know we have many great nonprofit organizations in our community who will help many homeless if they follow their rules nd guidelines. I believe among the many things we can do is we can push for more state and federal funding for these organizations to further assist and take care of our homeless community, to provide them with mental health care they may need, to provide job 'counseling and training, and more. I also would work more closely with the district attorney's office and law enforcement to destigmatize the homeless and stop creating civil rights violation issues.  Instead I would promote this issue as a public safety issue and work to get less vagrants and transients in our city.  Likewise I would empower our local law enforcement to have a zero tolerance policy for transients violating our anti-encampment ordinances. Our law enforcement should be allowed to remove those who don't want help without fear of being sued or being fired.  Until there is a permanent solution and the word on the street spreads that Costa Mesa has zero tolerance for transients, they need to be taken back to the county so the county handles it.  In addition, I oppose Costa Mesa's current port-a-potty program.

Sober Living: I have seen addiction in my own family and had family members living in sober living homes.  I believe when run well and in areas not near our homes, sober living facilities can be useful to help people stop the problem of addiction.  However, I believe that for a number of reasons, the sober living homes in Costa Mesa have gotten out of control.  In a way that does not tie the hands of the sober living homes  who are following the rules and helping addicts stay sober, I believe such facilities need to answer to a regular and frequent system of checks and balances so they are indeed doing what they are designed to do. If they are not, after being given a reasonable amount of time to make changes, I believe they should potentially lose state or federal funding, and/or insurance funding, and potentially be put out of business. On the same token I would work closely with the district attorney's office to take action against those facilities who are not following the rules.

The mounting pension crisis: As a former Costa Mesa finance and pension committee member I had direct access to the city budget information, which included the money allotted for  CALPERS. While on that committee I worked with a team to find solutions to this impending financial disaster and minimize the risk to our city.  If I am elected to the city council representing district 5, I will continue to make addressing and resolving the pension debacle one of my top priorities.

Understaffed city hall: As  a former Costa Mesa pension and finance committee member, for far too long city hall has continued to remain understaffed. We need to make fully staffing our city a higher priority and actually get it done.

Traffic And Open Space:  I am a capitalist who knows bringing more businesses to Costa Mesa helps our local economy. I also know that allowing developers to build more homes can help drive down current home prices, making buying a home more affordable and possible for individuals and families.  However, as someone who is also pro environment and cherishes our remaining, beautiful open space, I know adding more businesses and building more homes can potentially increase unwanted traffic and put our open space at risk. It can also put our animal habitat at risk. One of the many possible solutions I would look into is tearing down crime-ridden motels/hotels and businesses, and replacing them  with affordable homes so we don't have to invade our open space and add more traffic.

Problem /crime-ridden motels : I would vote to tear them down.

Fairview Park: For too many years much needed repairs to Fairview Park have not been addressed.  Storm drain improvements, trail renovations, a new vehicle turnaround, and more have been a high concern for district 5 and Costa Mesa residents but not been resolved by various past councilmembers.  If I am elected to represent district 5 on city council, I will work to not just address these issues but will work to see that these changes are finally made.

Crime: We need to continue to work with law enforcement professionals, city officials, and residents to fight and reduce crime in our community. Costa Mesa, CA

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