My Plans For District 5

Taking Back Costa Mesa: A More Transparent Representative Restoring A Safer Costa Mesa

I have loved living in Costa Mesa for the past five years but as I see residents leaving our city and state in droves, it is time for our city to greet our issues head on and make some changes.  

One of the biggest issues in our city is lack of civility and transparency from some of our leaders.  If I am elected to city council I will have an open door policy to all of my constituents and will work to adopt an ethics policy that will hold council members, commissioners, staff, and volunteers accountable to a high degree of integrity and civility.  I will also purchase a separate cell phone -- just for my constituents--where the number will be made available to the public, and residents will be able to reach me at any time. If I am on another call residents can rest assured I will call them back and address their needs and concerns as soon as possible. I will also respond to all emails in a timely fashion. In addition, I will put out a monthly email to my constituents updating them on what is going on in our district, and will hold quarterly meetings/hearings in my district.

Also, our city is relatively financially healthy yet our district still has to deal with unsynced lights, potholes in our roads, and more.  That should not be.  If I am elected to city council I will work to make sure our depleted infrastructure is addressed.  

In addition, our district is plagued with  the problem of contributing to a mounting pension debt, crime, homelessness, sober living home locations and regulations, illegal immigration, problem/high crime hotels/motels, traffic, and more.  If I am elected to represent district 5 on the city council,  I will actively address and work to resolve these issues. 

Illegal Immigration in Costa Mesa SB 54