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My Story

Hi everyone.  My name is Rebecca Trahan and I am an eighth generation Californian.  My family has lived in California since the 1800s--we traveled here from Oklahoma and Virginia on the wagon trail, during the Gold Rush, and have loved California ever since.  

My family has helped found and settle California cities, has raised their families here, and even started businesses here including a longtime successful chain of department stores and some Hallmark stores.  My grandparents met in high school band class out here and went on to attend college here.  While a junior at Fresno State, my grandfather was drafted into the war(WWII) and was eventually stationed in and raised his family in Amarillo, TX.  

While I was born and raised in Texas, after my college graduation from Baylor University in 1997, I moved to Southern California as quickly as I could.  After spending years in Los Angeles and other parts of Orange County working in politics and the media, and after the death of my military fiance, I moved to Costa Mesa five years ago. I bought a small, more energy efficient home and made the tough decision to start a family on my own. That tough decision was one of the best decisions of my life though because not only have I fallen in love with my Costa Mesa community, but I have been blessed with one of the  sweetest little two year-olds in the world.

I still love Costa Mesa but due to misguided state and municipal policies, I have really seen my community go downhill in the past few years.  I would like to change that and revive Costa Mesa to the thriving community I know it can be.  Through my twenty-five years of working in politics (including currently serving on the Costa Mesa Housing and Public Service Committee and formerly on the Costa Mesa Finance And Pension Advisory Committee), working in the private sector, and having been a small business owner (sole proprietorship), I believe I have what it takes to help get Costa Mesa back on track. And being a homeowner and having a family, I believe I also have what it takes to help both individuals and families alike live in a safer, friendlier community.

If you share my desire to take Costa Mesa back  and make it a safer, friendlier community, I hope you will join my campaign, volunteer to walk precincts with me, and donate to my campaign today! 

For more information on my background and experience please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebecca-trahan-a75645/